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These and other songs now available on one of two new EPs!

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Take My Heart

A novelty song about the greatest gift one can give.

Sensible Shoes 

Unlikely love is no less wonderful.

Jenny-Jen, Don't Close Your Eyes

A song of love and memory to someone long ago.

Jenny-Jen (Don't Close Your Eyes) - Adam Steinberg

Big Tree

I am not her master: how can I sell the land?

Big Tree - Adam Steinberg


Love is time's master

Together - Adam Steinberg

Yesler Way

Pop parody about the original "Skid Row" in Seattle.

What Carly Said

The importance of vowels.

Litterbug Song

Written for Earth Day 1990.

Who's That Bear?

Who indeed? Theme for animated short by Dagum Animation.

American Express

Brand new novelty/country song March 2014!

Click here to hear the rough living-room demo.

(P.S. The intro is supposed to be cheesy...though surely not so cheesy. I lost my voice shortly thereafter and was not able to fix errors at the time. This was the first time I ever tried to play the song through.)

Away, Away

Ray Bradbury meets modern marketing? A magical tale.

I am always interested in others singing my songs as part of their professional repertoire; please write me for permission.