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Here you can read lyrics and hear clips from a selection of my songs in various styles.


Some of the demos are a bit rough; please remember this is a showcase of songs, not performances.


  • Click a title to read the lyric.

  • Click the play button, if there is one, to listen to a clip (or the whole song). ​

  • Categories:    Rock/Pop/Ballad   Folk/Acoustic   Musical Theatre  Other/Poetry   Kids' Stuff


I am always interested in others singing my songs as part of their profesional repertoire; please write me for permission. (Cabaret singers also!*)

Rock, Pop, Ballad

Minor Variation

A man struggles to get over the loss of a loved one.

Vocalist: Tim Carosi

Pass the Salt

How can a woman escape a cycle of abuse?

Until I Have You

The fine line between love and obsession.

Between the Moon (and a Longing Heart)

Wrenching ballad about love across the tyranny of distance.

Pianist: Ben Cohn


Going beyond possession.

Vocalist: Andrew Trap

Here You Are

A love song about the difference one person can make.

Vocalist: Dan Metreyeon


Away, Away

Ray Bradbury meets modern marketing? A magical tale.

Yesler Way

Pop parody about the original "Skid Row" in Seattle.

Musical Theatre and Cabaret*

Every Little Thing Is Fine

Charm song*/musical scene: The Big Fish tries to silence the Little Fish, a real bubblemaker!

From The Big Kahuna

Let the Buyer Beware

Charm song*, from a scam artist to a judge.

Whole New Ball Game Now

Charm song* for an imaginary adaptation of Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs. 
Composer: Deborah Abramson.


Sweat of My Brow

Poem about the nobility of work in a technological age.

Kids' Stuff

Litterbug Song

Written for Earth Day 1990.

Who's That Bear?

Who indeed? Theme for animated short by Dagum Animation.

Jenny-Jen, Don't Close Your Eyes

Yearning folksy ballad to someone long ago. Note refrain has changed since recording.

Take My Heart

A novelty song about the greatest gift one can give.
Clip is entire song.


Goodbye, Lucille

Comic/tragic song with complex structure. I am very proud of this one.

You Oughta Get That Looked At

Rather morbid comedy song, cabaret- style, about an incipient malady. 

Composer: Larry Goldberg. Clip is entire song.

What Carly Said

The importance of vowels.

Big-Ass Bug

Watch out!

The Water at Home

Warm ballad sung by Farmer Eli and wife in a one-act musical, Farmer Eli's Vacation. Composer: Ben Cohn. Vocalist: Bob DuSold.

*Special notes


CABARET SINGERS: Please note that a number of these songs are being, have been, or can easily be adapted for cabaret presentation. 


CHARM SONGS: A "charm song," in my definition, is a character-defining song that often has a comic undertone, but is not necessarily out-and-out funny, as would be a COMEDY SONG. Charm songs are often "I Want" or "I Am" songs for main characters in the musical. Examples of charm songs are "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?" from MY FAIR LADY and "I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No" from OKLAHOMA. One might argue that a charm song can also define a group, rather than an individual: "The Jet Song" from WEST SIDE STORY, perhaps? "The Farmer and the Ploughman" from OKLAHOMA? I would also submit that there are songs that are "uptempo," but not charm songs nor comedy songs nor ballads, as they do not reveal elements of a particular character or group, but touch on larger themes or contribute to the atmosphere (an example might be "Another Hundred People" in COMPANY) or just don't seem to be charm songs (I am trying to think of an example...but my mind is blank.)


MUSICAL THEATRE: Note on musical theatre songs: Songs such as Let the Buyer Beware; Goodbye, Lucille and The Last to Notice were conceived and developed in the New Tuners Workshop or the BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop. Songs written for musical theater often must fit stricter standards for structure, theme, story, rhyme, and so forth, than do songs written as a singer/songwriter.