Historic drawing of St. Donat's Caste, Llantwit Major, Wales

Written in collaboration with and dedicated to graduates of UWC Atlantic past, present & future.

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Post your photos of iconic AC moments and events (you must own the rights to them) for a video for the song; the goal is to make it during 2016:


  • Be sure to look at the first few photos posted, which contain conditions and suggestions for photos.

  • If you upload a photo that is inspired by a particular line in the song, please name your photo accordingly.

  • And, if you have desire and skills to make said video, I think many people, including me, would be thrilled.



The song has cost well over €200 so far and to add percussion, which will take the piece to a new level of excellence, will cost perhaps €150 more. Please consider tossing some spare change toward this effort. Raising €200-240 will help cover the substantial cost for the current  mix plus added percussion, Even just 2 pounds (or euros) will help! And we're almost half-way there:


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Lyrics Arjun Raina and Adam Steinberg

Music Arjun Raina, Bram Jaarsma, Adam Steinberg

CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Arjun Raina/Squeaky Toy Music 2014


Originally orchestrated and performed May 2013 by Arjun, Bram, Michael Hajiroussos & James Bromley. Restructured, with new music and lyrics in 2015 by Adam Steinberg (English Lang and Lit teacher 2012-2015; Environmental Faculty; Sunley Assistant Houseparent).


Demo produced, mixed & engineered April-May 2016 by Matthias Stockert, Erlangen, Germany


Recommended: Listen before reading: click the orange arrow, then open the image at left to full screen and gaze. (Also see video greeting below!)

Castle by the Sea

Lyrics Arjun Raina and Adam Steinberg

Music Arjun Raina, Bram Jaarsma, Adam Steinberg

Nothing in those first wild cheers

Could prepare me for the laughs, the tears,

The peerless peers,

The carbs, the beers,

Of two short years


Now we’ve climbed trees and tamed bees

While a bunch of us gathered with the world

     in stony rooms to make peace

Made family of foreign strangers

Conquered cliffs and other Outdoor dangers

Sick bay lies and SOSH rejections

Did you get your top selections?


Homesick tears and midnight calls…

Take two paracetemols


Football glory between the fences

Giggling whispered confidences

All-night dayroom conversations

Waving flags of ninety nations


Wakie-wakie! Here’s your morning surprise:

Miserable rain or the rarest sunrise?

Farewell, farewell, to you and to me

And our castle by the sea


We’ve shivered in Bradenstoke, fried in the glassroom

Buzzed in the coffee lounge, slept in the classroom


Those angry skies can’t keep me in…

These wellies are my second skin

Out in the fields counting endless stars

Up by the gate trying to get two bars

Didn’t know things we should’a knowed

Thought we were in love ‘till love really showed

Worked hard, played hard; spread too thin

Howled at the moon till it howled back again


Now the tide is out, the end’s in sight

Not sure if we should party tonight

Farewell, farewell, to you and to me

And our castle by the sea


Here’s to those endless walks on the coastal path            

Those desperate late-nights doing math

Then second year in autumn light

We finally got to meet each other right

And look at us now…                                                           

We’re packed; might as well take the next bus                       

But it’s so hard to turn our backs on a part of us           


I’d like chicken doner with a can of Coke

But ramen and Marcross made me broke                       


Let’s skinny dip—there’s barely any ice

Then open house, I hear it’s crow-fried rice                       


How will we four ever get along?

Then we’re dancing on tables and singing that song     


I want a shower party coz I’m legal now

You fulfilled the AC challenge? Why not take a bow?   


Oh, can I go back in time and then

Be stepping off that pot-banging bus again?

Farewell, farewell, to you and to me

And our castle by the sea


And as I go, I take with me

The sky the fields the stones the sea

The things I never dreamed I’d do

The friends that taught me what is true           


Farewell, farewell...

Farewell, farewell, to you and to me

And our castle by the sea

By the sea