Song Doctor and Topliner

Let me squeeze out the best from your songs.
      Rates negotiable.

Song Doctor

I can take your songwriting to the next level. From spiffing up prosody and rhyme, to more deeply transforming your functional caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly,      lyrics are my specialty.


You have created music that is piercing and kick-ass, or heart-wrenchingly sublime. Now you want words that paint it in just the right colors to make it even more powerful and memorable. 


The theme song for Arietty is moving and poignant—at least, the music by Cécile Corbel and Simon Caby. The lyric is less exciting—and far too bound to the plot of the film. Read here a new, original lyric that is intended to reflect the film's theme as a universal celebration of the hidden wonders around us. 

Original Lyric Samples

As an instant portfolio, here are a few of the most striking lines from songs I have written. Please also check out other songs (in full) on the site . . . 

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