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Writer/editor, communicator, teacher, lyricist, songwriter

Work and Creative Background

Adam is communications lead for the Charity Elections initiative, a program to foster empathy, compassion and a culture of effective giving in secondary schools around the world. He also works as a copywriter/editor for PR, outreach, and education.

Previously, he taught International Baccalaureate English Language and Literature (DP/MYP) and IGCSE English in Germany and Wales.


His spare time is spent as a political news junkie, raising his two sons, volunteering, and composing, recording, and rarely (these days) performing his original songs. And writing ​about himself in the third person. His very silly blog can be accessed above.


He has an MFA from the Musical Theatre Writing graduate program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, and was for several years a writer in the BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop. He also attended the New Tuners Musical Theatre Workshop in Chicago.

He's been a film editor, puppeteer, educational software producer, technical editor, editor-in-chief, playwright-in-residence, teacher, communications lead, and more. 

If you think you have met him, it was probably in Evanston, Seattle, Ann Arbor, Charlottesville, New York, Berlin, Wales, Nuremberg, or (soon) Manila.

Writing original 'songs that speak' on guitar


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Adam plays and writes with a Taylor 3/4, a lovely Seagull dreadnought, and a Model K Froggy Bottom hand-crafted jumbo (mahogany and Englemann spruce). Lately he has been experimenting with Garageband using an iRig 37 Pro midi controller; the results can be heard in recent demos including The Falls, Just What It Means, Dark Bird, The Road to Catatonia, World's Gone By and Take My Heart

Most songs engineered at one of these fine studios:

And a bit by:

  • Early Recording, Evanston, IL

With some help from:

Member of ASCAP; when in the U.S., member of the The Dramatists Guild and the National Association for Media Literacy Education. 



Special disclaimer

This site is all about me. Me, me, me. 

This is a by-product of a site intended to serve mainly as a portfolio.
For a (somewhat) less self-centered site, watch for the eventual rebirth of silly sister-site



Writing original 'songs that speak' on guitar
I played my acoustic rock, folk, novelty and musical theatre songs in coffeehouses in Chicago and Seattle

I'm much more like I am now than I used to be.

Image of the songwriter
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