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Detail on creative background






New York:

  • Farmer Eli's Vacation - one-act adaptation of an 1895 story by Alice Brown (collaborator: Ben Cohn)

  • The Dance of Salome - full-length theatrical rock concert (collaborator: James Marler)

  • The Big Kahuna - one-act "mor(e)ality play" (collaborator: Brad Aspel).

  • Sweat of My Brow - poem selected to be read on National Public Radio's The Next Big Thing, 2002, by the poetry editor of the New Yorker Magazine.




  • America's Sweetheart - mini-musical selected for New Tuners one-act festival at
    The Theater Building (collaborators: Chris Staton and Jim Stevens)

  • Let the Buyer Beware - original song, featured in a New Tuners songwriting

  • Who's That Bear - theme song for an animated pilot, Bear #13

  • Performances at Earth Day festival 1991, 1992


More "recent" projects:

  • Connor's Wor - graphic novel examining the common man's role in an extraordinary universe

  • One Knight in the Garden of Eden - allegorical musical about Man's troubled relationship with nature

  • The Love Pump -  romantic non-musical comedy-drama



Co-founded a creative team that had proposals for two children's television programs, "Willa Wonders" and "Sounds Like Willa," under serious consideration at Disney and Noggin (Nickelodeon) in 2003-04. You can also check out other, mostly non-musical writing tidbits here.



Various performances at coffeehouses, festivals, and around campfires in three countries, none of which are Canada.

Substantial acting experience. Various awards for acting as a youth.

A few honourable mentions from international song contests; occasionally finalist or semi-finalist. No big wins yet! See individual song pages.

A few past and (ma)lingering musical projects

Big Kahuna theatrical program

The Big Kahuna


Original one-act musical comedy

speculating on the effects of reality television on reality itself


Composer: Brad Aspel
Scenario by Brad and Adam


Lyric: Every Little Thing is Fine



Farmer Eli's Vacation


One-act drama based on the 1895 short story by Alice Brown, in which a New England farmer, along with his family, visits the ocean for the first time in his life and there discovers something essential about living


Composer: Ben Cohn


Lyric and clip: The Water at Home


"American Gothic" painting with fish stuck on pitchfork
Haunting cityscape looking up at streetlight and buildings

Connor's Wor


Graphic novel in development examining the role of the common man in an extraordinary universe, in which the eccentric owner of a children's shoe store in a dangerous and mistrustful metropolis solves a mystery and reunites a community

Music: The Falls (Lifting Up a Corner of the Dark)


The Dance of Salome


Original rock musical—a tale of betrayal, ambition, sacrifice,

and dance

Composer: James Marler





Dancer descends castle stairs
Pop-art-style image with six identical heart drawings

The Love Pump


Comic/dramatic play in which a man examines his relationships in light of his conceptions about the idea of 'true love'


One Knight in the Garden of Eden


Allegorical musical about Man's

troubled relationship with nature








Dreamlike image with knight walking away from sleeping woman, birds

Original copyrights:

Farmer Eli's Vacation -- Copyright 2001 Squeaky Toy Music / Ben Cohn

The Big Kahuna -- Copyright 2002 Squeaky Toy Music / Brad Aspel

Connor's Wor -- Copyright 2000 Squeaky Toy Music

The Dance of Salome -- Copyright 2001 Squeaky Toy Music / Alicorn Music

The Love Pump -- Copyright 2003 Adam Steinberg/Squeaky Toy Music

One Knight... -- Copyright 2004 Squeaky Toy Music


All images mock-ups for non-commercial illustration purposes only. See bibliography for available information. Sources of fish and Salome images lost in time.


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