Cool amp #2
Who's That Bear?

Who's that bear with the air self-reliant?
Debonair, flair to spare
Among the creatures, he's a giant?


Who is so graceful? Smile-on-his-face-full?
He's never grumpy or gruff...
Courageous and daring, but not overbearing--
You might say he's just bear enough!


Who's that bear, savoir-faire, fit and trim?
Always fair, loves to share,
Who's filled with love up to the brim?

Who's mild and mature?
Whose intentions are pure?

Well, there's one thing for sure:
It ain't him!


Words and music ©1999


Written on spec for animated demo Bear #13 from Dagum Animation, now (of course!) defunct.


© 2020 Adam M. Steinberg / dba Squeaky Toy Music. All rights reserved.                                   ASCAP

All lyrics, music and other writing by Adam Steinberg unless otherwise noted.

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