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Cool amp #2

Animated by
my son!

NOTE: After many months playing just fine, the video may now (Jan 2022) be playing out of sync. If this is happening for you, I hope you'll return and listen again some time when this is fixed!

How to tell: the word "checked" should be more or less simultaneous to the appearance of the gun in the fourth line.

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Lyrics, melody, bass & percussion programming, instrumental edit by me.

Banjo/guitar by Garageband.

It's Not the COVID-19 Song

It’s not the mask that I must wear

It’s not the urge to disinfect

It’s not that I can’t cut my hair

It’s not my temp’rature being checked


It’s not the distance I must stand

From all my friends I cannot meet

It’s not that I can’t shake their hand

And when I see them, cross the street


It’s not the coughing in my arm

It’s not the kilos I can’t hide

Or constant state of mild alarm

It’s not the president that lied


It’s not the work that’s all online

It’s not the curve we all must bend

It’s not the curse of quarantine

Or that I’ll never kiss again


It’s not the lines a mile long

Or seeing the world through fogged-up specs

It’s not the Happy Birthday Song

It’s not the end of casual get-togethers   


It’s not the places I can’t go

It’s not the lack of PPE

It’s not the WHO

It’s not the freaking CDC    


It’s not the grinding hours on Zoom

It’s not the closing of the shows

Or beach vacations in my room

It’s not the swabs all up my nose


It’s not the weeks and months inside

Or the things I cannot do…

It’s that, through all this crazy ride,

I can’t be there, alone,



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Words and Song
©2020 Squeaky Toy Music

All Rights Reserved

All instruments courtesy of Garageband, including Peach Cobbler banjo/guitar loop.

Animation by Jasper.

This is actually a decent example of toplining: placing words atop a pre-existing instrumental track. While I programmed bass and certain percussion, the banjo/guitar "song" is an existing loop offered in Garageband, which I only had to edit a bit for structure.

Vocal recording and quick mix by Tobias Schaller at Zwo18 Tonstudio, Erlangen, Germany.  

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