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I'm very pleased now to have a decent version with my own voice. I've been having voice problems for many, many months, so this was an achievement! The lyrics were also improved slightly.

Here You Are

If you hadn’t come into my life,

Where would I be living now?

Cast out on a sea of trouble,

The boy inside the plastic bubble,

Oh, but here you are. . .


If you hadn’t given me your hand,

What would I be holding now?

Plastic flowers in a bowl,

The broken fragments of my soul

Oh, but here you are. . .


And though there’s pain enough to go around,

Your hands have set me gently on the ground,

I hope to do the same for you,

But if I miss a cue or two,

I know you’ll see what’s true and

Keep me heartward bound.


If you hadn’t stood here by my side,

Where would I be standing now?

Shackled to a heart of steel,

Still tottering on training wheels,

But, oh, here you are. . .




If you hadn’t given me your trust,

Who would I believe in now?

I pluck my dreams from the highest tree

Your lovin' arms will steady me

And, oh, here you are.

Oh, here you are,

Oh, here you are.

Click here for the "apostrophe" EP

Available on EP

Here's the song sung by vocalist Dan Meteryeon in NYC. A slightly more poppy take on it. The lyric is also slightly different.

For Sarah

Words and music ©1995


Floaty piano on demo by Nils Olaf Dolven

Produced by Mark Godwin, NYC

Vocal (2016) produced by Mike Schönert, Erlangen, Germany



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