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Jenny-Jen (Don't Close Your Eyes) - Adam Steinberg
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Jenny-Jen (Don't Close Your Eyes)

Jenny-Jen, don’t close your eyes,

Stay awake a little longer.

We must let these moments linger

Just a minute more. . .


There are tales yet to tell,

Laughs to bury in your pillow. . .

Stay awake then if you will, oh,

We've secrets left to share.


And if you’d asked me then, how could I have known

That someday we might meet through memories we can’t explain?

And as you lay there in the darkness, years ago,

Can you hear me sending out my song to guide you through the pain?


Let me spill out all my dreams,

For I know you will truly listen. . .

You know me the best of anyone,

And you don’t know me at all.




And as you travel, as you go,

Don’t let your dreams become your liquor. . .

I’ve sat and watched mine like a picture;

Go chase them down, though they run deep,


Jenny-Jen, don’t close your eyes,

Jenny-Jen, are you still listening?

But somewhere in the darkness,

Jenny-Jen, has gone to sleep. . .


Somewhere in the darkness,

Jenny-Jen, has gone to sleep. . .


Somewhere in the darkness,

Jenny-Jen is gone. . .

For Jenny, of course

Original song ©1991   Demo ©2016 Squeaky Toy Music

All Rights Reserved


Demo recorded variously at Rock N Roll BNB, Sauvie Island, Oregon; and by Matthias Stockert, Erlangen, Germany. Mix: Shabbey Road Studios, Caerphilly, Wales. Strings arranged and recorded by Al Steele, Shabbey Road.
Demo ©2016 All Rights Reserved

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