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Litterbug Song

I saw a crowd the other day, they were standing in the rain

Drinking coffee and a-smoking as they waited for a train

     (slurp, puff, cough, spit, slurp, puff, cough, spit)

When the train was due, they all just threw their cups and butts away,

If you'd been standing there you would have heard me say. . .


(Oh!) Litterbug, litterbug! What have you done?

Had that garbage in your hand, and you threw it on the ground,

If I live a thousand years, I will never understand

Why you think the whole world is your garbage can!


I saw a woman at a protest shouting "Don't make dogs wear clothes!"

With a sign that she was waving and three diamonds in her nose

     ("Trousers aren't for Bowser!" "Trousers aren't for Bowser!")

When the shouting stopped that girl just dropped her sign upon the ground,

If you'd been standing there you would have heard this sound. . .




I saw a boy on Lake Shore Drive, he was riding in a car,

Eating boysenberry jelly with his fingers from the jar.

With one last sip he smacked his lips and let that bottle fly!

You would have heard these words if you'd been passing by. . .




Well, people everywhere just seem to pay no mind,

Any ol' place they'll leave a trace of themselves behind,

Say I am rude, a nag, a prude, and I'll say, "Wait a minute!"

I just want to see the scenery without your garbage in it."


I looked around on Earth Day, and all across the land,

A million folks were gathered round with bottles, cups and cans.

But do I have to say a word? No, these people understand

Both young and old already hold the future in their hands.



Words and music ©1991


Written for Earth Day celebration 1991, Chicago.


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