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DALL·E 2023-11-24 19.50.17 - Musical symbols that combine to create the shape of a flying

I have been doing everything
I can think of to get this work in
front of people who might be
interested in using it in whole or
in part as a theme in a new media production. I bet you know which one.
This includes people at WOtC, Hasbro,
and eOne, for example. I even toyed with hiring a skywriter. No, really.


I would not necessarily be the performer, and we could tone down the crazy electric solo—or tone up the rest. We can even fix one badly placed word. But I really believe the song itself could serve well as incidental music or even over closing credits.

I'd also like to find someone to animate it who loves the RPG world.

If you have any contacts that might be able to pass the song to the right people, please drop me a line—or just tell them directly. Please help me give it wings!

On Fire (Inspired by the Battle of Helix)

Happy 50th 
Dungeons & Dragons!

There’s a man on fire

And he’s coming hard down

On the fiends and the demons

At the gates of our town


   If we fight side by side

   We won’t falter or tire

   At the left and right hand

   Of the man on fire

There’s a woman on fire

Standing tall in the night

In her hand flashes vict’ry

Aiming true, burning bright

   If we fight side by side

   We will win at the wire

   At the left and right hand

   Of the woman on fire

Axe, maul and arrow, hammer and blade

Spell, spear and dagger, pitchfork and spade

Fist, foot and fire-breath, horns, fangs and claws

United by honor and righteous in cause

And the maker of worlds, with his hand in the game,

Rolled the dice on our fate, to spark or smother the flame

We are heroes on fire

As our powers ignite

Turning evil to ashes

Turning darkness to light

   So we fought side by side,

   Now legends long will inspire

   With their triumphant tales of

   The heroes on fire

   The woman on fire

   The man on fire

In Medias Res CD cover.png

Available as
a single

Words and music ©2021 Squeaky Toy Music/Adam M. Steinberg. All Rights Reserved.

Demo produced, mixed & engineered by Matthias Stockert, Erlangen, Germany. Mastered by SRS.


Acoustic guitar, vocals: Adam Steinberg

Drums and percussion: Sean McDaniel.

Electric guitar: Matthias Stockert.

Bass guitar and other instruments: Adam Steinberg and Garageband

Inspired by an RPG (5.0) run by Mr. John Kennedy of Wexford.


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