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Professional Background

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A native of Chicago, Adam currently teaches English language and literature at the Franconian International School in Erlangen, Germany. 


Long before teaching, he toiled in Chicago as an editor (film), copy editor and education writer, and then in Seattle as a producer of kids' educational CD-ROMs for Edmark (at one point an IBM company). Following his songwriting craft to New York, he earned his MFA at New York University and took part in the BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop alongside top names (and future names) in the genre. He began building a career in teaching simultaneously with these artistic pursuits, as described on the Bio page.




After a stint teaching ESL in Queens, Adam trained as a STARRR Cohort, gained his NYC OPD license (as a substitute teacher), served in various short- and longer-term substitution roles in a variety of public and private institutions including Packer Collegiate Academy, and went on to teach a literacy-through-drama curriculum to K-4 students at CS47 and PS48 in the South Bronx. He then worked as a teaching artist for youth with three arts-in-education organizations, working in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan public schools, and served as playwriting mentor/tutor in a program for high-school seniors.


In 2006, he packed up his educational experience and moved with his growing family to Berlin, Germany, where he taught MYP and IB English at the Berlin Brandenburg International School while gaining a secondary certification from the States. In 2012 he and family moved to southern Wales to teach at the prestigious UWC/Atlantic College, housed in famed St. Donat's Castle on the Bristol Channel, a school combining academic challenge, experiential learning and community living to bring students from across cultures and economic levels together towards the creation of a more peaceful and sustainable world. In 2015 the Steinberg gang moved back to Germany, this time to Bavaria, where he and his wife teach at the up-and-coming, bright and wonderful FIS.


Older than dirt, Adam and has also been a(n):

  • video producer and camera operator.

  • 35mm film and video editor.

  • puppeteer.

  • editor and writer for educational publications online and in print.

  • talent marketing consultant, helping arts professionals prepare marketing materials and strategies to advance their careers.

  • editor-in-chief (volunteer) for four years of an annual environmental magazine with a circulation reaching 320,000.

  • project manager for Open Doors , the Theatre Development Fund's well-respected arts-in-education program providing inner-city high school kids with the chance to attend professional theatre productions, followed by in-depth discussions with theatre mentors.

  • copy editor for clients including Kaplan K12; ScottForesman; Holt; National Geographic; Encyclopaedia Britannica;; The Theatre Museum; Microsoft; Toho Co., Ltd., Japan; and a variety of other clients in the U.S. and abroad for technical and non-technical materials and publications.



Adam is married to the wonderful Stephanie, a German national, and has two sons, E. (2005) and J. (2007). Besides his songwriting. he is passionate about his boys and about media and information literacy and is a bit of a junkie for U.S. politics. 


A member of ASCAP, when in the U.S. he is a member of the National Association for Media Literacy Education and The Dramatists Guild.







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