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Cool amp #2

Dedicated to the victims of the Fukushima nuclear crisis

Artist Statement

Please sing this song, share it, ask your favorite band to learn it, replay it for your friends, bookmark it, hum it at the hairdresser, hang it on your rear-view mirror, take it out to lunch, make it into a hat, get it rip-roaring drunk, feed it to the pigeons. If it can make a difference in any way, then do that with it. 


This is not a professionally recorded song -- it was done with minimal equipment, in a limited amount of time, sitting at a desk in a home office, using Garageband and whatever microphone was at hand. The content is the thing, not the performance. 'Nuff said.


The song calls for a sensible direction in our decisions about how to generate energy for a growing world. Read the "philosophy" at the tail end of the video for a brief explanation of my opinion on nuclear power. But please consider:


Nuclear power, we are told, is cleaner than other energy sources, has manageable risk, and is sufficiently controlled. But we have seen that human error and acts of God can lead to true disasters. We continue to see that no one really knows what to do with the deadly, nearly immortal wastes that are created (we simply bury them). We continue to get hints that the true risks are understated and that many decisions about nuclear are made based on what is most profitable, rather than what is safest. If we are truly at a crossroads, let's REACT!


-Adam   5.20.11


React, react, our days are dire, 

React, react, or walk a wire, 

React, react, or face the fire – 

Something’s in the air… 


There’s a high price to be paid 

We cannot tame the beasts we’ve made 

The devil waits within the tower 

Shall we trade our souls for power? 




When human error, quake or flood 

Can turn a blessing into blood 

And poison water, air and land, 

Our future’s built on shifting sand. 


React, react, react, react… 


Twenty-five thousand, fifty thousand. a hundred thousand years, 

So long will live the poison from this bottle full of fears, 

And once it’s been decanted and before we taste the worst, 

Of all the things that melt away, the truth will be the first. 




Are we born to drown beside 

Men who are sworn to tame the tide? 

No, we must fight till day is done 

To build our might from wind and sun. 




React, react, our days are dire, 

React, react, or walk a wire, 

React, react, or face the fire – 

Change is in the air; 

Pray that’s all that’s there…


Original words ©1997  Ahem Songs

Revised 2011 © Squeaky Toy Music

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Performance in a protest or commentary context is encouraged. Please do emphasize this is about Man's inability to control this energy source, whatever its advantages.

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