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Shoulder with tattoos
Skin - Adam Steinberg (feat. Andrew Trapp)

I want to be her blood

I want to be her bones

Her every waking moment

The breath that drives her sighs

And her moans


And if I were her tongue

I’d lick her lips like fire

And if I were her hands

I’d celebrate her body entire


I want to be her skin

I want to be her skin

I want to wrap myself around her

‘Till the sun comes slidin’ in


I’ll dream my way inside her

And know her secret soul

Watch over her, and guide her

As she rides hot buttered waves at my control


The fingers of the night

Have closed around her bed

She feels eyes upon her

Perhaps they are the ones in her head


-refrain x 2-

Click here for the "apostrophe" EP

Available on EP

Words and music ©1998


Vocalist on demo: Andrew Trapp

Produced by Mark Godwin, NYC

Electric guitar and some tricky acoustic bits: Mark Godwin

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