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Cool amp #1
Couple in silhouette dances beneath the stars
Together - Adam Steinberg

Artist Statement

Written in honor of the marriage of Frank Lawler and Ann McCurdy, June 2002.

This song is meant to consider the complex interplay of love and our sense of time.

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The lonely hours drift past like days

And sunlight drowns in shoreless haze

Till we can be

Till we can be



When you are near time disobeys

Each minute lives and dies ablaze

How urgently

They flee from me



I can run in place or feel I’m barely creeping 

While the clock hands chase the hours in a whirl

Yet when I gaze on you as you lay sleeping

Each moment seems a perfect shining pearl


Our stars will cross the sky in phase

As we explore a thousand ways

And seek the key

To wander free



I'm on my knee

In hopes that we

Can oversee









Words and music ©2017


Produced by Dave Budrys at Early Recording, Evanston, IL. Dave also played bass and electric guitar lines.


Guitar: A lovely Hohner G910. Thanks to Ruth Young for lending it!


On Drums: Gerald Dowd

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