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Words and music ©1997


This song is supposed to contain every vowel sound in standard English. I never was able to verify this, however. I am aware of a few that are missing.

What Carly Said

Carley was a girl, both strong and bright,
But she just couldn't get her vowels right,
She'd use OH for AH and OO for AY,
We never really knew just what she'd say.


Now Carley went off in the summertime 
To a camp where they taught about reason and rhyme.
There were wonders there for every kid,
Let me tell you all about the things they did . . .


On the very first day, they watched the big sun rise,
And danced through the willows with the butterflies,
They rolled down hills, and climbed up trees--
There never were kids as happy as these.


And when she came home all filled with glee,
This is what Carley said to me . . .


When the moan is breet on a story neet 
Can you say your shady in the pill groan leet?
Are rats just trows turned oop-seed-dane?
Days the blow ski spine when the arth guys rained?
Is there rolly gald in the galdoon reel?
And cone I pot needles in the swyming peel?


On the very next day they found fossils in rocks,
And trudged through the mud without their shoes or socks,
They sung with the wind as it whistled and blew,
And learned about the vowels OH and YEW.


And when Carley came home, she found me here
So she could speak these words into my ear:




On the very next day, they made friends with bees,
Blew bubbles in the stream, and painted on their knees,
Made beads from pebbles down by the sea,
And they practiced all they could with the vowel EE.

And when Carley came through the kitchen door,
She had all these things to say and more:




On the very last day they made a pumpkin slide,
Learned to smell the flowers' names, played tag with the tide,
Tried bird calls, baseball, magic tricks,
And learned to make a fire with a couple of sticks,
Did the jitterbug, and ate rhubarb pie,
And learned to use the vowels AY and EYE.


And when Carley came home, happy as a kite,
She asked me this and she got it right:


When the moon is bright, on a starry night,
Can you see your shadow in the pale green light?
Are roots just trees turned upside-down?
Does the blue sky spin when the earth goes round?
Is there really gold in the golden rule?
And can I put noodles in the swimming pool?


So we talked all night about all these things,
About bears and chairs and yo-yo strings,
And when morning came, Carley wore a grin,
'Cause . . .we filled the pool with noodles and we all jumped in!

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