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World's Gone By - Adam Steinberg
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New for 2022!

World's Gone By

The old dog lies on the warm stone hearth

And he dreams of the world with a sigh, with a sigh,

As the fire burns low in the slow-rising dark,

For the world’s gone by, gone by


His mind flows back to a day so fair

To a stick leap hot breath wind whirl joy

To the sun-warmed sky and the sea-filled air

And his love without end for his boy

His love without end for his boy


For the world’s gone by and the world’s gone by, gone by, gone by, gone by…  x2


    Now a strange man sits with trembling pen

    Signing papers that came on the wire, 

    But the dog is a-dance on the sand in the sun

    As he sleeps and he sighs by the fire


And the slow-fading scent of his boy in this room,

Lit by grey fur blown gold from the flame,

Is as fresh in the dream of the dog on the stone

As the kiss of the sun and the joy of his game 

…And he hears the boy call out his name


For the world’s gone by and the world’s gone by, gone by, gone by, gone by…  x4


Words and music ©2022 Squeaky Toy Music, Adam M. Steinberg. Demo ©2022.

All Rights Reserved

Demo produced, mixed and engineered by Matthias Stockert, MS Music Studio, Erlangen, Germany, fall 2020 through early 2022.


Acoustic guitar, vocals: Adam Steinberg.

Drums and percussion: Sean McDaniel.

Bass guitar and horns: Adam Steinberg with Garageband.

Mastered by Wolfgang Eller at SRS Mastering.

Harmonies recorded by Johannes Ehrl, Noctone Studios, Pinzberg, Germany.

Animation: Orhan Gokcek.

Thanks to Dave Bagdade, who played mandolin that, sadly, did not make it into the final mix.

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