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Cool amp #3

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Person with strange, living skin blemish
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You Oughta Get That Looked At
(Music by Lawrence Goldberg)

Pardon my stare

I couldn't help but be aware of your incipient malady

I want to convey...

Don't take this the wrong way...

What I mean to say is just... well... I think...


You oughta get that looked at

It seems to me it's starting to spread

It's red and looks neglected

It's infected and it's seeping

Are you keeping it clean?

'Cause that one is the worst that I've seen

And just between us...


You oughta get that looked at

It's filling up with some kind of pus

And thus I say it may be prey to

Rabies or bacterium

Let's query a medic

Ask him 'bout a quarantine


I hate to dwell but now I fear the worst

If it should swell and burst

And now the smell...well...I'm knocking wood

The way those scales are shedding can't be good

So my advice to you is...


You oughta get that looked at

And while we're at it, Friend, it never hurts to pray

I really hope you don't get too upset that

I think you oughta get that

Looked at right away


Now people stare 'cause you're attracting flies

It's sprouting hair and eyes

It moved, I swear, I warned you before

It's time to shut the blinds and lock the...

Christ, the thing just winked at me...!


You oughta get that looked at

But now it's far too late to call the A.M.A.

You'll need more than a little soap and wata

I really think you oughta get that looked at right away!


2016 International Songwriting Competition



2018 U.S.A. Songwriting Competition




©2001 Montedoro Music / Squeaky Toy Music

Music: Lawrence Goldberg


Exercise: Song of Persuasion

BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, NYC

Semi-Finalist, International Songwriting Competition 2016



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