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working together



  • know the basics of producing a GN, from idea to finished product.

  • can and are willing to be involved in continued development of the story.

  • are an excellent partner who works well with others, has patience and creative flexibility.

  • are adept as an illustrator in the GN mode, with your own style and something published (?).

  • would appreciate leading decisions about how to portray the tale graphically.

  • are willing to work on a long-term project with a relatively sane, down-to-earth, unknown talent, one who is equally committed to the project, but who works full time, as well.


  • have publishing and media- and art-production experience, although long ago and far away.

  • am a proven and gracious collaborator (my MFA in Musical Theatre Writing [NYU] was gained through a collaborative workshop program).

  • live in Erlangen, Germany but am willing to collaborate over distance if needed.

  • spreche nur ein Wenig mini-Bisschen Deutsch; needs to communicate in English.

  • am also a songwriter: check out

  • truly believe in this idea as a graphic narrative and perhaps <sigh> a feature film.

  • am willing to pay the artist for at least an initial treatment of a few scenes, to begin with.

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