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I dreamt I was a Serbian woman

I dreamt I was a Serbian woman, some sort of spy. My task was to place a package in a closed office building in the western suburbs of Chicago [I could tell because everything was so flat and the buildings were all one story]. A great deal of money had exchanged hands. A complication was that everything, including my instructions, were written in Serbian, which I do not read and which was extremely difficult to transcribe into my notes. Somehow I found the building and an unlocked door, and after spending far too much time walking around, placed the object, which I think was a video having something to do with child trafficking, on a desk. But headlights through the window told me the police were arriving. I hid, intending to run out through the door after they were inside, but their car drove straight into the building and they caught me immediately because my hiding place sucked. I mean, I was essentially right in the middle of the room. Plus my rental car was still parked out front. I awoke drenched in sweat and with the assured knowledge that I am a terrible Serbian spy.


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