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Invention time

Time for a new invention. Something that really ought to exist to help people in need, or reduce suffering, or help mankind to thrive, and incidentally, make me very, very rich.

And here it is: We need heat-retaining toast. I am sure they can do something with the way the bread substance is structured in sophisticated strata or with heat pockets within the dough so that, when toasted, it stays warm long enough to butter when the butter is not yet soft, without ripping the toast to shreds.

I'll start working on this as soon as I finish my degree in materials engineering, which I guess I will have to start first.

Note on inventions:

This section will both introduce new ideas and bring back inventions I posted on Facebook from late 2009 to early 2016.

Additional note:

In Newton Stewart, Scotland last week, in a shop selling tourist crap, I saw one of my early inventions now being mass produced and sold. Finger-Twister is now a thing. A real thing off of which someone (not me) is making money. Oh, well!


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08 juin 2023

What does a finger twister look like?

08 juin 2023
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