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It's the time of matriculation

Friends, if you know any high school graduates that you want to give some summer reading to, you could link them to me college advice page here. It could be helpful and is unlikely to be harmful. I have a moderate level of confidence in this last claim.

I also found this very interesting list worth passing along:

Scott Adams's list of generic skills that "make you luckier"...:

  • Public speaking

  • Psychology

  • Business Writing

  • Accounting

  • Design (the basics)

  • Conversation

  • Overcoming Shyness

  • Second language

  • Golf [??]

  • Proper grammar

  • Persuasion

  • Technology ( hobby level)

  • Proper voice technique

  • Find excellent peers and mentors [this one's actually from someone else—Tyler Cowen]

Other advice I might add to the above:

  • Learn a skill that you can always use to earn a living, in any economy, such as:

  • Cut hair

  • Fix bikes

  • Mix drinks

  • Bake bread


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