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Short Attention Sp

Why does someone start a blog like this? It's not that there's a certain topic in which I have expertise and with which I feel I should grace the world. I don't think it's vanity. It ain’t boredom: heaven knows I have enough things to do. (It *might* be a way to escape some of those things, though.)

I was asking myself this question and voiced it to some friends, and one said, "Well, isn't it simply because you love to write?" And I thought: Yes, it's because I love to write, and also because I love to make shit up. But I don't have the time nor the attention span to compose regular long-form texts. Maybe that's why I write songs: I don't have the discipline to write novels or even short stories. Although, oddly, I do believe I could manage a musical, if push came to jazz-handed shove.

Luckily, there is no urgency to get absurd inventions, inane observations, meaningless minutia and dubious inspirations out in the world. So when I miss a few days, as I just have done, no one is left wanting. And when I look ahead to our impending move abroad and realize I will miss more entries in the coming weeks, I can tell myself it's no biggie.



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