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Welcome to The Very Short Blog with The Very Long Name

Known to millions* as "TVSBTVLN," this blog has the goal to inspire, entertain, amuse, and occasionally enlighten with words of whimsey about very little in particular.

Most posts will be very brief reflections on seemingly random topics. The blog will often celebrate aspects of the English language, but it will just as often present observations of our world as seen out of the corner of the eye, launch wild visions of a future that will never be, lob petty complaints about everyday annoyances, and make obscure references to vague notions that no one will understand.

This blog is not to be taken seriously, except when it is.

Also watch for "The Words," occasional reflections on the effectiveness of song lyrics through the eyes of a long-time English teacher.


*Of prawns – at least, the ones I told about it.


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Short Attention Sp

Why does someone start a blog like this? It's not that there's a certain topic in which I have expertise and with which I feel I should grace the world. I don't think it's vanity. It ain’t boredom: he


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